Giving Back: Community Love from Shinsei

 Pictured above our two lovely owners Lynae and Tracy, left to right

Pictured above our two lovely owners Lynae and Tracy, left to right

Meet the owners of your favorite restaurant, Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun. If you didn’t know already, Lynae and Tracy are not only boss women who run successful and trendy restaurants in Dallas, Texas, they are both family-oriented "Dallasites" and moms who value their community.

Lynae Fearing, a native Texan, connects with her roots whenever she takes an active role in community relations. “I was born and raised in Dallas, and I love this city. I feel very blessed in my life and I want to give back.” Recently you could’ve found Lynae attending the 25th Annual Genesis Women’s Shelter Luncheon where celebrity guest, Hillary Swank, gave the keynote address. Not only was Shinsei Restaurant in attendance but generously donated a portion of the Queen for a Day Raffle Package.

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Tracy Rathbun and her husband understand the value of how fortunate they have been due to Shinsei Restaurant’s success and have learned lessons about community service from mentors along the way. “The one common thread between all of these mentors, was the understanding that you must help other people and give back to your community in order to live a fulfilled life”.

This kind of purposeful thinking on the part of restaurant owners Tracy and Lynae are things that the Dallas area certainly needs. Texas is one of five states that together account for more than half of the homeless people in the country. Focused efforts by local businesses like Shinsei and Lovers, is essential to a community’s growth and sense of morale.

Tracy says that she has made this act of service her life mission, “A mantra we can pass onto our children”. Lynae stresses the importance of focused efforts on the most at risk populations. “The charities that touch our hearts are the ones centered around women and children”.

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Look for Shinsei’s name attached to the Vogel Alcove whose mission is to help children overcome the traumatic effects of homelessness or the Genesis Women’s Shelter which seeks to assist women caught in domestic violence situations.

Shinsei Restaurant is lucky to have owners that value family and community above all. A trait, they hope you can taste.

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