10for10 Monthly Anniversary Drawing | November 2015

Sake Tasting for Six (6) Persons

All too often, sake is consumed quickly without much thought. There's a lot going on in each sip of sake, though—all you have to do is pay attention. Here are a few basic tips to take the intimidation factor out of your sake explorations.

Five Key Things to Remember When Enjoying Sake

  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Flavour & Texture
  • Temperature
  • Dryness & Sweetness

How Fragrance or the Aroma tells a Sake's story

  1. "uwadachi-ka" the initial aromas from the first smell
  2. "fukumi-ka" describes the new fragrances during the first sip
  3. "modori-ka" is the third dimension of aroma present in the finish of the sake after the first sip

The fragrance of sake is often broken down into three experiences: the "uwadachi-ka," or "initial smell," rises from the sake before tasting. These include sake's more obvious characteristics, such as the earthiness of junmai styles and fruitiness of ginjo.

The second part, "fukumi-ka," describes the new fragrances that are introduced by breathing through the nose while sake is being tasted. The "fukumi-ka" reveals elements of the sake that provide balance; astringency and bitterness should be present, but neither in excess.

The "modori-ka" is the third dimension of aroma, those present in the finish of the sake after you've sipped it. These subtler aromas often include notes like star anise, fennel, and white pepper.


We are proud to be celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary

We have a lot of divine events planned throughout this year from parties to new menu items. To celebrate this milestone, each month for the next 10 months we will be holding a monthly drawing to award a unique Shinsei culinary experience.

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