Sushi & Wine? YES of course! Learn and experiment on Mondays at Shinsei for 1/2 price bottles

You might be surprised how delicious wine and sushi can be together. Whether it's a salty-seeming coastal white wine from Italy, or a palate-cleansing sparkler from France or Spain, wine can make for a truly special sushi meal. Come enjoy 1/2 price bottles on Mondays to find your favorite pairing! Not sure where to start? Just ask and we'll be glad to help!

Half-Price bottles every Tuesday @ Shinsei

Half-Price bottles every Tuesday @ Shinsei

A perfect comBination:
the sea and land

If there is one theme that emerges from our tastings and experimentation with sushi and wine pairings, it is the elemental union of sea and earth. Raw fish, which seems to speak of the essence of the sea, is paradoxically set off most intensely by wines that speak most directly of the land-- that is, earthy/ minerally, unoaked or lightly oaked, single-varietal wines.

Where are such wines found? Alsace above all, but also in the Friuli of northeast Italy, Chablis, the Loire, Beaujolais, Austria, New Zealand, and Pinot Noir from Burgundy and Oregon. But don't take our word for it. Our message is: experiment and have fun!    
From StarChefs: Sushi and Wine  Alexis Beltrami

We hope to see you this evening!
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