“How to Izakaya"? Part 1 | Izakaya-service at the Shinsei Bar

Shinsei Restaurant Dallas Izakaya Service at the Bar

Shinsei Restaurant Dallas
Izakaya Service at the Bar

Izakaya for us, is one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have in a bar or restaurant.  It is great for a quick drink and bite, but in truth it’s all about lingering a bit, enjoying great small plates with great drinks and better conversation with a group of friends.

At Shinsei we think it’s a great way to transition from a busy day to the evening. In fact we hope that Chef Jeramie’s amazing small plates will be just the beginning of your Shinsei "izakaya adventure." Try one of the his other new dishes perfect for sharing like the broccolini. [see review below]  We also suggest you tuck into some of Chef Shuji Sugawara's offerings from the sushi bar. Once you get into the “izakaya mindset,” the rest is easy and we hope you'll be enticed to make an evening of it and stay for dinner.

That’s how you “izakaya”!  Kampai!

The broccolini was sourced from a small farm outside of Austin, its stalks shaved thin on a mandolin, twirled around a chopstick and plunged into ice water. The florets were blanched in an elixir of salted butter water, and then flash-cooked on a plancha until some of the tiny buds were black as ink, while the rest remained forest green. Then the stalks reappeared, now curled ribbons of mint green, with dehydrated orange slices, a citrus sauce, and because the plate needed some texture, barley cooked in miso. 
Scott Reitz  • May 6 2015 | Dallas Observer Review

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