8 Great Recipes for Holiday Leftovers!

Evan Sung for The New York Times

Evan Sung for The New York Times

REPOST | Sam Sifton,  Sunday, April 5, 2015 | NY Times Cooking Newsletter

Good morning. Children across the United States are scampering across lawns this morning, scrambling on hands and knees under pews in church, looking behind grandmothers' drapes, all of them looking for Easter eggs and candy.

Some number of the eggs will be plastic, with candy inside them. But some number of them will be actual eggs, patiently or impatiently dyed beautiful colors by parents and children alike. Soon a question will arise about those: What to do with them?

Cooking abounds with recipes for hard-boiled eggs. Indeed, we have put together a collection of them for your delectation, "What to Make With All of Those Hard-Boiled Eggs." Favorites include Florence Fabricant's recipe for asparagus with prosciutto and egg; Melissa Clark's smoky red-devil eggs; Julia Moskin's recipe for toasts with egg and bacon; and the New York chef Jesse Schenker's light and flavorful recipe for curried egg salad. Cook one or more of those recipes today!

As for the remnants of Passover brisket? I like it chopped fine as a filling for ravioli, as in my recipe riffing off the one served at Babbo in New York. Sauté the meat with some butter, deglaze it with wine, then use that mixture in the recipe as otherwise written. It makes a fine Sunday supper.

Or perhaps you have a lot of ham? Ginia Bellafante's recipe for ham biscuits may be on order for today. Or some croque monsieurs? If you're down to the bone, Melissa's recipe for hambone soup is a must; it'll feed you throughout the week.

Take a look at Cooking for other things to do with your leftovers, and for recipes to cook for the coming week. You can and should save the ones you like to your recipe box. You can rate them on a scale of one to five stars.

If you run into problems - with the site, the app or the recipes themselves - please reach out to us at cookingcare@nytimes.com. We'll get you the help you need. You can also get in touch with me. I'm on Facebook. I'm on Twitter: @samsifton. And you can look at my not-so-great-but-I'm-trying photographs of food and food life on Instagram: samsifton.

Finally, take a break from the kitchen. Head over to The New York Review of Books and spend a little time with our colleague Ligaya Mishan's review of William Gibson's novel "The Peripheral": "the pulpish plot is the golden thread through a maze of strangeness."

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