What is "izakaya"? | Izakaya-service at Shinsei in the Sakaya Lounge

Izakayas are essentially Japanese taverns – drinking houses with a menu of small dishes for snacking while drinking. It literally means “stay sake shop” so traditionally this was a place where you could sit and drink on the premises. In today’s izakayas you can order food and drink and hang out with friends for an evening. Many also offer bottle keep where your unfinished bottle of scotch or shochu is waiting for your next visit. They are ubiquitous in Japan as locations for end of the day socialization, noshing and enjoying a drink.

These places can be hard to define so here's our own, admittedly arbitrary definition: a relaxing beautiful environment where chef-inspired gratis small plates are served along with sake, Japanese craft beer, wine or inventive cocktails. A place where you can linger with good friends, good food, and good drinks and let the cares of the day melt away.. And that’s the most important part.

As you get started with this unique style of "ending the day" at Shinsei, please stay tuned for a follow-up series of blog posts on “How to Izakaya” for more tips and history about this social phenomenon that we hope you will include as a frequent part of your life with us at Shinsei! Kampai!

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