Aspiring Oenophile? (aka “wine snob”) 10 ways to “fake it ‘til you make it”! -  April 11, 2015 Saturday

We’ve all been in the company of a self-professed "oenophile" OR a “wine snob” who knows just enough to sound credible and makes you feel a little intimidated with all those "berry and tobacco notes". As if you really need to talk like that to enjoy wine. We thought it would be fun to give you our top 10 ways to elbow up to any "wine snob" with great confidence and a snicker under your breath!

Oenophile? (aka self-professed "Wine Snob") 10 ways to "fake it"

Oenophile? (aka self-professed "Wine Snob") 10 ways to "fake it"

“In wine, there's truth.” 
Pliny the Elder

You don't have to be a wine snob to find truth and joy in wine. Shinsei is proud of its wine list. It’s significant, but not daunting. It’s approachable and a great list to explore, especially on 1/2 price bottle Mondays from 5-7p.

Here we go!

  1. Remain poised. This is neither pub crawl nor mini-pink-spoon-sampling at Baskin Robbins. Well maybe it is, but don’t behave like it.
  2. Brush up on the lingo. “Notes of black cherry” is snobby, “bright and fruit forward” is snobbier, and “earthy and expressive with a long finish” is snobbiest. “This tastes like Christmas” is not any of those things.
  3. Swirl, sniff, repeat. Even dogs know it’s proper etiquette to do a little sniff test first. Two good inhales should fool ‘em.
  4. Eat before you taste. The crackers on the table are not akin to peanuts at a bar.
  5. Pour something out once in awhile. There are roughly three ounces of cuvée between wine snob and bachelorette party entourage.
  6. Talk about wine. By day’s end you should have discussed the name of the wine bar you plan to open, to which country you’ll move to start a vineyard, and the good old days when silly, naïve you thought Ménage a Trois was good wine.
  7. Inquire about Port. Sommeliers get absolutely giddy over Port, Riesling, and other sweet and fortified wines. Your interest might even secure you an extra pour.
  8. Tasting the sweet wines does not make you a sissy. It just makes you a snob. And if anyone tries to offer you a Hershey Kiss to accompany that Port turn your nose right up. You brought your own Valhrona chocolate truffles.
  9. No rinsing! All your work will be for naught if you dare pour water in that wine glass.
  10. Join the club. But play the field first. Best advice, join a wine club after your first tasting – you’re either too eager or too tipsy.

Come practice your "wine snobbery" with us at Shinsei. We'll give you a wink and know what you're up to!

Thanks for the "Top 10" and a closing thought from a wine blogger and aspiring wine snob:

“While one day I aspire to become that full-fledged wine snob that partakes in only library wines and demands a new glass with each pour, I’m not sure I’m ready for all the spitting. So for now, I’ll maintain my amateur status – just in case they bring wine tasting to the Olympics.”  Credit: The White Elephant in the Room

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