Wine and Asian Food Series: #1 Where to Start? Taste, Taste, Taste! | April 4, 2015

Today we begin a multi-week series on Wine and Asian Food. Shinsei has a great wine list that is deep and wide, but very approachable. We share these ideas and suggestions to enhance your wine adventure with us at Shinsei. Remember though, drink what you like!

"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things in the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection. " Ernest Hemingway

 Part of the sheer joy of wine is to be adventurous and experiment. Taste, sip, swirl and taste again.  The trick to matching wine with Asian-style cooking is to start with the premise that we need wines which will emphasize a balance, as opposed to a sheer power, of taste sensations.

Shinsei Restaurant Dallas Wine Mondays – 1/2 price Bottles

Shinsei Restaurant Dallas
Wine Mondays – 1/2 price Bottles

This is why the classic "power" wines of the world — made from grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay — are not as easily matched with Asian foods. Although there is nothing wrong with intensity, the difficulty with these types of wines is that they tend to be high in alcohol, low in acid, and (in the case of Cabernet) excessively hard in tannin.

The best wines for Asian foods are those with moderate levels of alcohol, softer tannin, crisper acidity, and sometimes (but not always) a judicious amount of residual sugar. It is a question of harmony and balance within the context of hot, sour, salty and sweet food sensations.

From Riesling to round Italian Reds, Pinotage to Pinot Noir, there is an abundance of wines around the world that achieve varying degrees of balance and are very compatible with Asian food styles.  Again, you should select and drink the wines that make you happy.

Remember, Mondays at Shinsei is “wine o’clock” with 1/2 price bottles from 5p – 10p. Come share the journey and a bottle or two with family and friends.  [ reserve your table at Shinsei ]

"The best wines are those we drink with friends."
Shinsei Restaurant Dallas Keep Calm & Drink Wine

Shinsei Restaurant Dallas
Keep Calm & Drink Wine

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