Wine and Asian Food Series: #2 Whites - the crisp Reisling Dallas | April 6 , 2015

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine “ Kenny Chesney

Quintessential German-style Rieslings — penetratingly scented, light with a whispering sweetness balanced by just-right acidity — are usually the first wines cited for Asian foods.

You can't go wrong when you figure in a fragrant, deftly balanced Riesling like our Poet’s Leap from Washington or the German August Kesseler.

Shinsei Dallas: Chili and Herb Tempura Whole fish. Photo:  Agent485

Shinsei Dallas: Chili and Herb Tempura Whole fish.
Photo: Agent485

Try a Reisling paired with Shinsei’s gorgeous “Chili and Herb Tempura Whole Fish” served with a crisp stir-fry salad and a trio of sauces. The delicate interplay of oil balanced with herbs, chilis, soy, rice vinegar, salt and cracked pepper is  a feast for the senses!

It may be understandable that someone would say that Asian cooking is not good for wine — it is not good if you fail to apply principles of harmony and balance in both your cooking and wine selection. But when you do, you've got quite a dramatic match!

Of course, you should select and drink the wines that make you happy.

Remember, Mondays at Shinsei is “wine o’clock” with 1/2 price bottles from 5p – 10p. Come share the journey and a bottle or two with family and friends. [ reserve your table at Shinsei ]

Shinsei Pairing Suggestion


Chili and Herb Tempura Whole Fish
Asian stir-fry salad, trio of sauces


Poet’s Leap Riesling, Washington
August Kesseler Riesling, Germany


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